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The Thrive Hive

Small,  Occupational Therapist led, Group Sessions to Promote social inclusion and develop functional skills through playful activity!

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The Thrive Hive, in collaboration with Margaret from Occupational Therapy Northern Ireland, offers group sessions tailored for children with sensory needs in Armagh and Newry. These small  groups, with a capacity of 4-6 participants, run for 4-6 weeks and feature a variety of activities aimed at promoting social inclusion and developing functional skills. Activities include but are not limited to: the Attention Autism Programme, Six Bricks, Lego-based therapy, arts and crafts, messy play as well as stories and songs. These sessions focus on building attention and concentration, promoting sharing and turn-taking, and facilitating the development of functional skills such as dressing, feeding, handwriting and drawing.

Additionally, the Thrive Hive hosts a monthly Parent Café, providing a free platform for parents and guardians of children with additional needs to connect, offer peer support, and engage in discussions with expert guest speakers, including occupational therapists, dieticians, speech and language therapist amongst others. This event offers an opportunity for parents to ask questions and receive advice on supporting their children.

The ethos of the Thrive Hive is built on empowerment, inclusion, and fun. Grace and Margaret are both experienced occupational therapists who have undertaken additional training in fun and engaging specialist programmes to enhance the groups they provide. These programmes include the Attention Autism Programme, which focuses on attention, communication, and social interaction skills through structured and engaging activities.

Another programme, Six Bricks, utilises simple exercises or games with Duplo bricks to stimulate cognitive functions and physical movement. Lego-based therapy is also offered, providing children with opportunities to work as a team, problem-solve, and develop social and communication skills in a fun and engaging environment.

Furthermore, the Thrive Hive incorporates children's yoga and mindfulness concepts with the aim of providing holistic support and promoting the overall well-being of children with additional needs.

Group sessions tailored for children with additional needs


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