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Expert-Led Sensory Exploration: Meet the Occupational Therapist Behind The Sensory Submarine

Occupational Therapy and Sensory activities focused on helping infants & children to develop & fulfil their sensory needs.

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Welcome aboard The Sensory Submarine, where sensory exploration meets compassionate expertise! Led by Grace Magennis, a dedicated mother and occupational therapist, along with the support of Orla, a passionate primary school teacher, our organisation is committed to making sensory play inclusive and accessible for all.

At The Sensory Submarine, we host engaging sensory play sessions and therapeutic groups that cater to children of all abilities, both privately and within educational settings like schools, nurseries, and early years programmes. Our activities range from one to one occupational therapy sessions, to group sensory experiences.

In addition to our group activities, we offer personalised one-to-one consultancy services for children and caregivers of those with Additional Needs or Special Educational Needs (SEN). Our goal is to provide tailored support and guidance, ensuring every child can thrive in their sensory journey.

Join us as we navigate the depths of sensory exploration, fostering growth, development, and joy for children of all backgrounds and abilities!

Get to know the occupational therapist behind the sensory submarine


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