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Homemade Playdough

Updated: May 14, 2021

Making Playdoh at home is a great activity that little ones will love! We made our own and used plastic nuts and bolts to make faces in it and practised our scissor skills by rolling it into long sausages and cutting it into tiny pieces. This is a fab activity for fine motor, bilateral coordination, hand strengthening and imaginative play!

Here is the recipe we used!

1 Cup of Plain Flour

1 Cup of Salt

2 Tablespoons of Vegetable Oil

3/4 of a Cup of Boiled Water (with a couple drops of food colouring)

Mix together in a bowl until a good consistency, then let cool!

To enhance the sensory experience, why not add a couple drops of essential oil for a fragrant playdough!

Let us know if you try this out! We love to see how you use our tips so be sure to tag us on social media @thesensorysubmarine !

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