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5 Benefits of Tummy Time for Babies

Most of us will know that tummy time is important, but how many of us know exactly why? I cannot overstate how important tummy time is. It is VITAL for child development and sensory integration and the power of tummy time should never be underestimated. As an occupational therapist I have studied child development and worked with many children with additional needs. I also have 2 kids of my own who are now 5 and 6 and they really are the reason why I have such a passion for helping little people to achieve their full potential. Over the last month I have completed amazing training with The Carly Budd Developmental Play academy and I am delighted to now officially be a Tummy Time Practitioner…more on that coming soon! So lets talk about just 5 of the key benefits of tummy time!

Baby Girl doing tummy time on mat

1. Tummy time is a position for play- it allows babies to socialise and connect with the world around them and their care givers in a fun and nurturing way.

2. Tummy time is so beneficial for Sensory Integration- when completed regularly through a variety of poses and play activities it supports the integration of the proprioceptive and vestibular systems which are essential for movement and balance as well as being amazing for all of the other senses

3. Tummy time supports the development of muscles, core stability, trunk and head and neck control all of which are essential for working against gravity, progressing through motor milestones such as rolling, crawling, walking and standing up and later on even things such as handwriting and drawing!

4. Prevents Flat Head Syndrome by spending increased time off lying on the back

5. Encourages the development of visual skills through tracking and scanning

These are just a few key benefits…in reality the benefits are endless! Tummy time from birth is recommended and encouraged. Even for children with additional needs there are very few circumstances in which it should be avoided (always speak to your doctor or qualified health professional if unsure).

I have completed my training and am excited to embark on this new journey with you all. I want to take the fear and stress away from tummy time for parents and their babies and make it a FUN and interactive play time! If you are interested in finding out more about the benefits of Tummy Time and learning some fun activities to incorporate it into your daily routine then join me for our first Online Tummy Time Workshop on September 7th at 10am (Workshop will be recorded so don’t worry if you are unable to attend on the day it can be sent to you after the event!)

I have also opened up my diary for 1:1 face to face appointments for babies with reflux and additional needs who may find tummy time more difficult. If you would like to enquire about these just send me a message! Tummy time sensory play sessions are also coming soon!

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