Deluxe Oral Motor Kit

Deluxe Oral Motor Kit

Does your child chew on everything? Some children may chew on their collar, sleeve or school tie. Others may chew on more firm objects like pencils, the tops of drink bottles, coat zips or even the soles of shoes!
Did you know that chewing of non-food objects is a normal developmental stage that all young children go through to learn about the properties of objects in their environment?
As children get older however, chewing non-food objects may be a sign that they are seeking heavy sensory input (proprioceptive input) to help them to stay calm and regulated. Chewing can help children to stay alert and focused. 
Our Oral Motor Kit Contains:
	Ark Chewy Necklace
	2x Chew stixx Pencil Toppers
	Chewy Tube
	4x Curly Straws
	Blow Pipe Toy
	Party Blowers
	Wooden Trumpet
	5 Reuseable long life straws

Plus a full booklet of supplementary tips and ideas to make the most of your kit, all in our gorgeous Sensory Submarine branded tote bag! 
Please note colours of items and design will vary dependent on stock
  • Notes

    We hope your child loves their Oral Motor Kit! But remember, if you have concerns that your child’s chewing is impacting on their day to day function we recommend that they are referred to Occupational Therapy for assessment. An OT will be able to help identify underlying causes for your child’s chewing and provide more tailored advice.

  • Disclaimer

    Products contain small parts which may pose a choking hazard. These toys are therefore not recommended for under 3’s and should always be used under direct adult supervision.